X-Men Vote 2022 Is Here

Oh boy it’s that time of year. IT’S X-MEN VOTE TIME, BABY!

Last year, following the events of X of Swords, after a year or so without an official X-men team on Krakoa (Yeah, I know the title was called X-men, but there was no actual team), Scott Summers and Jean Grey decided to hold an election for the X-men. With the Quiet Council being largely an autocratic/plutocratic governing body for the Nation of Krakoa, the couple decided to bring democracy to the land. The election was announced at the end of X-men #16. The vote was held in X-men #21 during the Hellfire Gala. Now that was the in-universe explanation for what was about to unfold. The reality is that Marvel was giving the fans a chance to vote for one member of the team.

X-men #16 Hickman/Noto

This is where things got ugly. FAST. It was mostly in good fun, but lines were drawn, and factions formed. #Xtwitter meltdown for a bit. Polaris became the frontrunner and eventual winner, carried by an overzealous The Gifted (A Fox X-men Show featuring Polaris) fan drive. Those fans are what made it rough. Either way it was very popular, and Marvel promised future elections.

Enter January 10th, 2022. One week after announcing there was to be a new election, we are greeted with the new candidate list.

It’s a great list.

Now, I am not going to tell you who to vote for. Oh heck, I am going to tell you to vote for the best mutant on this list. First though let me tell you why any mutant is worth voting in. A lot of people are running why you shouldn’t vote for certain characters. Not here at Extremely Uncanny, though. We are a beacon of gosh darn positivity at the end of the world:

Voter’s Guide


When I first came back to comics in the mid-2000’s, my first series was Astonishing X-men. In that series, Armor was a featured character to an X-men during the final arc. In that arc, I came to love her. Her powers are really fantastic and awesome. I think she would be a worthwhile member of the team. Nostalgia is impacting this though.


One of the OG Mystique Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Avalanche played minor role in the X-men Animated series and an adaptation of the character was a major character in the X-men Evolution series. His powers of controlling earth vibrations are really cool and I like seeing former villains join the X-men. It’s kind of their thing. Also, he’s Greek. That’s pretty neat.


Okay I don’t know about her that much. I didn’t read the adjectiveless X-men series at that time and she consistently moved to books I didn’t read. Her powerset is neat. Diamond form with projectiles. Not just that she is a superhuman genius. Bling! Would add diversity to the team as well. The new X-men team is looking to be a whole new line up instead of just swapping out one spot. She would make a worthy member of the team.


The mutant that doesn’t want to be an X-Man or a Krakoan Citizen. To be fair she has a very traumatic history with the team and mutant teams in general. Most people know her as the member of the Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. I think she could be fun on the team but admittedly she is lower on my list. Still having an X-man voted on to a team that doesn’t seem to be interested in Krakoa could give an interesting outsider perspective.


First mutant from Wakanda and is one of the strongest mutants. He can go up against Colossus and the Hulk with ease. His backstory is a tragic one, being the victim of abuse and ostracization.  He has worked to overcome the trauma and served on the X-men Red team for some time. Being a mutant from Wakanda and Russian father would provide interesting perspectives to the challenges facing the nation of Krakoa.


Another reformed criminal. He took the Krakoan promise of a fresh start serious and fought for the island in Otherworld during X of Swords. Upon his death and altered Resurrection, Gorgon has changed. We aren’t sure to what but his powers and abilities are promising.


He is a size changing mutant. We don’t have many of these. That alone is worth a vote. If he won and Synch is on the team? I would love to see how Synch’s power intprets the size changing powers. So cool. Also, an old school Excalibur character. He would be my vote if not for another one on the list.


Ms. Perfect. Monet St. Coix was one of the original Gen X members and a fan favorite. For good reason, her story is interesting and full of twists and turns. Her power set makes some mutants redundant. She can fly, super strength, and telepathy. The Penance form grants her more physical durability. She has shown more control over the form in X-corp and HoX/PoX. She has the most promise of the characters on the list and one of the more fleshed ones. She is the frontrunner and likely going to win. She doesn’t get my vote though.


She is one of the Academy X kids that has not seen any use since New X-men Mutant Academy ended in the mid-2000’s. Her power set is cool and has room to grow as a person. Let’s just say she was not written very kind in the past. I think she has a strong shot at the vote. She is a popular character and the most likely Academy X kid to make it to the top. The problem is Academy X vote is going to be split among Armor, Bling!, Gentle, and Surge. That could prove detrimental to their prospects..  I know many are tired of the school being part of X-men but I think there is a place for a school like structure on Krakoa beyond Exodus sitting around the campfire. I know New Mutants is working in that space too, but I think there is room for both. Hopefully all the Academy X kids make a strong showing and give Marvel incentive in making an Academy-X book.


Long shot character, but she is my vote. A member of the Cassidy Clan and the daughter of Banshee, Siryn has a long history with X-force and X-factor. Her power set is like her fathers but she has her own story. She is another character that has been fleshed out more from having long extended runs as a cast member. Namely the Peter David X-factor run where Siryn would be a regular member. Now why am I voting for her? Because I voted Banshee last time and I will not rest until a member of the Clan Cassidy sits on the X-men!

Cast your vote here: https://www.marvel.com/characters/x-men-vote Polls close 1-13-22

Join me in voting for Siryn!

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