What is Extremely Uncanny?

Extremely Uncanny is the culmination of multiple years of work. I really wanted to be the next internet blogger but I came in late to the game in 2009. By that time, Facebook and YouTube began killing the internet ecosystem that could sustain these sites. I have always enjoyed talking about comics but the main gigs you can find online are often New Comic Review gigs. They often don\’t pay and it is a dull grind after some time. I started this blog in late 2020 to provide an outlet for me to talk about comics but not just new comic reviews. Instead I want to talk about my emotional connection to the stories I read, the impact they had one my life, and how I view them now. I want to talk about old comics, comic arcs, trends, and more in addition to the new.

While comics will be the primary focus, I don\’t want to be pigeonholed into a narrow path. That also means there are times where the blog will explore other topics such as Trading Card Games (Magic: The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, etc), Video games, and more. Extremely Uncanny is the place for me and potentially others to discuss what makes us…well extremely uncanny.

The Author

Jordan Jennings has been involved in comics blogging/reviewing for 11 years. He\’s written for Comicosity, Comicon, Multiversity, and Comic Book Revolution in addition to numerous side features. A life long fan of superheroes and the comic media, Jordan has always enjoyed talking about comics. He is married a incredibly supportive wife and a father to two amazing kids. He is also high school science teacher and has always had a passion for the strange and unusual. Besides writing about comics other hobbies include creating art and playing video games.