Happy Los Dias De Muertos with Spider-Man 2099

Happy Los Dias De Muertos! Here’s your reminder that Spider-Man 2099’s costume is just Miguel’s old Dia De Muertos costume. That’s right, Miguel just happens to have a spider themed costume made from Unstable Molecules Fiber (one of the few things to persist from the Age of Heroes).

The only reason he even had it made from UMF is that Miguel knew how to PARTY!

Los Dias De Muertos! for Miguel 
Spider-man 2099  #2
Spider-Man 2099 #2- Peter David and Rick Leonardi

This wasn’t the only time Los Dias De Muertos was key to Spider-Man 2099. It would be the setting for a later arc in Spider-Man 2099 #32-33 where Miguel returns to Mexico City to take his mind off some really rough stuff that came to light back in issue #25.

This was the climax of a larger Miguel O’Hara road trip arc. Either way, we get to see Miguel and his family wrestling with the walking dead in Mexico City.

It’s a whole thing. Good news is Miguel and Strange 2099 take care of business and undead go back to rest.

Bad news is that Doom is now President of the United States and Miguel has been offered a cabinet post.

Spider-Man 2099 #34 by Peter David and Andrew Wildman

Somehow, Doom 2099 is a surprisingly competent president. Sure he is a dictator but he actually serves the people compared to the ineffectual president who plays second fiddle to the corporations.

Anyway, happy Day of the Dead, everybody!

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