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This year was one that was filled with experimentation. I aimed to set out to blog and write more this year and compared to the past few years, this was a success. I had a far more productive Spring and even summer than fall which has been nonexistent. That said I posted numerous articles and posts to this site without repeating any old ones from the vaults. I will take that as a win.

The problem I’ve had with this year has been “What is the identity of Extremely Uncanny?” It started out as a personal blog whose title was a portmanteau of my common internet handles over the last decade. I went from just doing random comic post to doing a Spawn Column to doing a Superman Column to doing new comic reviews and previews. I felt like I lost the plot here. I wanted to do everything but never stuck around long enough to have it flesh out.

After getting diagnosed with ADHD (unsurprising given my executive disfunctions and mountain of hobbies), I am settling in, and I can use the focused totality of my brain on tasks again. This includes tackling the History of Heroes Reborn #2- The Rogers Identity.

New things are on their way for rest of 2021

Thanksgiving Specials!

Gambit and his formal bandanna

There have been a few Thanksgiving comics to have come out over the years and I wanted to explore them. Last year’s Christmas Specials were fun to do, and I wanted to continue that this year with another holiday dear to my heart.

I will be looking at a few comics for sure. Still tweaking the list. Be on the lookout for that next week.

History of Heroes Reborn #2

Rob Liefeld’s magnum opus… I’m serious.

The most (in)famous Heroes Reborn arc has been covered. From its troubled development to its astonishingly precedent story telling. Rob Liefeld’s Captain America is certainly one to talk about. I think it\’s Rob\’s Magnum Opus. No, really. You can read it to find out why. It\’s written but I need to edit it and gather the images. This will be out the Week of 11-29.

Christmas Specials!


I haven’t settled on a format just yet, but I am kicking around several for this year’s Christmas Project. I am excited for this one. I will have more information in the next couple weeks.

Extremely Uncanny turns 1

Okay this is a bit shaky. A proto-Extremely Uncanny dates to 2019, but that doesn’t count. One December 7th, it will be 1 year since the first post on the site. Not sure what I will do but wanted to point it out.

Best of 2021 Article

I will talk about what comics and other media that has stuck with me over this year. Quite excited for this one. I get to talk about comics I forgot to talk about over the year. Lots of great stuff in comics and tv for me.

Looking to the Future:

What is the identity of Extremely Uncanny going forward?

What I can say Extremely Uncanny will be is my blog. Not just a comics blog. Yeah, I want to go back to look at old comics from the past. I want to explore storylines and events. I want to do more than just write about the newest issue of X-men. I also want to talk about music, movies, and games. I just want to talk about what I am enjoying. The intent was for me to have a long form writing site. Instead, I tried to morph the site into something that it wasn’t or at least sustainable.

It is funny considering that when I started Extremely Uncanny in December of 2020, I stated that I didn’t want to do new comic reviews because they are hard to write regularly, I don’t get the traffic from them, and they are not evergreen. Worst of all, the grind creates burnout. Now, will I review new comics again? Can’t rule it out but it will be a different format going forward.

What to expect in 2022

Well, you will see more frequent posts. The goal is 1 post a week. In addition to that, I will be posting stuff from my archives. I lost a lot of articles over the years from my nomadic nature. Yet through some digging I have managed to secure a bulk of the more evergreen posts. I will be posting them throughout the year. It may be buffer for skip weeks.

I do want to continue some of the columns I started in the last year. I will be resuming my Marvel event retrospectives along with Weekend Binge Recommendations. The event retrospectives has been a project I\’ve been wanting to do for sometime and I really want to finish it. The Weekend Binge Recommendation is just a fun change of pace. Only put out one of them this year but it allows me to talk about why you should read a story instead of breaking it down.

History of Heroes Reborn will continue. I have at least 3-4 articles planned in that series. It is one of my favorites to write but takes a lot more time than the others.

I have many ideas for next year that I am looking to focus into something fun. I have found routine, and planning has really helped me manage my ADHD challenges. I am looking at 2022 being even a better year.

Best regards,

JC Chase

Jordan Jennings

Jordan has written for wide array of comic review sites over the years including Comicosity, Comicon, and Comic Book Revolution. He has been reviewing and discussing comics for over 10 years. In addition to comics, Jordan enjoys various types of games be it video games or trading card games.

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