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Extremely Uncanny Thanksgiving Special 2021: Uncanny X-Men #308

The plot of the story is that after all of the beatings and just terrible year the X-men, having went through with the Death of Illyana Rasputin, the whole Fatal Attractions storyline, and the rising anti-mutant bigotry, come together to have Thanksgiving dinner as this large family. Retelling of the couple’s major milestones up to that point in continuity are on display.


Wolverine #10 Review

Another month and another Benjamin Percy Wolverine issue and you know what this one is a lot of fun. First, I have a secret love for Maverick. I get it, the mask is from...


In Defense of Adam-X

With the release of X-Men Legends #1 this week, I decided it is time to give the star of the story his due. That’s right I am going to talk about Adam-X the X-treme....