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Extremely Uncanny Thanksgiving Special 2021: Uncanny X-Men #308

The plot of the story is that after all of the beatings and just terrible year the X-men, having went through with the Death of Illyana Rasputin, the whole Fatal Attractions storyline, and the rising anti-mutant bigotry, come together to have Thanksgiving dinner as this large family. Retelling of the couple’s major milestones up to that point in continuity are on display.


X-Force #1 30th Anniversary And The Importance of Context

Welcome all to Extremely Uncanny and I want to talk to you about the second highest selling comic of the modern era, X-Force #1. Well, it’s sales numbers. With 5 million direct market sales, this comic is what Rob Liefeld a “house-hold” name in the comic industry. It should be noted that the 5 million units sold is at the vendor level. Meaning comic shops ordered 5 million copies. It doesn’t mean that 5 million people bought the comic. On contrary, it is the result of the ugliest part of comics:  The Speculator Boom.


Review- Barbaric #1 [VAULT]

Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden have created a violent, righteous, and all-around fun character in Owen the Barbarian. Owen’s reluctance in fighting for the side of good (in a very bloody fashion) paired with his quick wit and exasperated attitude to it all makes him a compelling character to read. His visual design is striking with a mane of hair comparable to a lion and a permanent scowl across his face. Complimenting the Barbarian is the magical axe of consciousness and essentially Owen’s boss, Axe. Axe is a skull on the back half of a massive battle axe that craves blood and righteous vengeance. Axe’s design is over the top and creates a fun dynamic between the two.