#Spawn2021 February Edition: Multiple Spawn Titles Announced and Spawn #315 Review


Another month and another edition of #Spawn2021. As you may recall, 2021 is the year I jokingly stated that I will get into Spawn. This was after years of making the joke but after all this time I decided it was time to call my own bluff and actually read Spawn on a regular basis. This column will chronicle my year of Spawn comics.

Back Issues issue

Okay so I decided if I am going to get into Spawn in earnest I will need to read more of the lore and that means: back issues. Now, Spawn back issues are sparingly available in print and some of the early run is hard to fine. I mean I am not about to buy 300+ paper copies of a comic for a bit. At least not without some sort of Patreon support or something. That leaves me with a couple options: Digital or trades. Well, a new color edition of the Spawn Compendium is dropping this week, It collects Spawn #1-50. I may pick it up on a lark, but that will have to wait for a bit.

The first three volumes of the Spawn Origin trades are available on ComiXology Unlimited which collect Spawn #1-20. The rest of the series seems to be there in some capacity minus some holes. That will still be a way off because I am still not going to buy 300 digital copies of a comic for a bit.

Now, for the recent stuff I discovered my comic shop has most of the issues since 300, and those I will likely grab because they appear to be related to this current arc of the series. At least that’s according to my friends online.

Spawn News

Spawn #300

So, in the year of our Todd, 2021, it has been decreed that Spawn will be expanding to multiple comics with 4 ongoings. FOUR. From my understanding, that’s the most Spawn has ever tried to run in its long history. The titles will be Spawn, King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and Scorched Earth. It seems Todd is wanting to branch out the universe but more importantly reduce his direct influence. Todd appears to want to step back and not be involved in the usual Spawn material. The talent attached to the project is pretty solid overall. You can count on Extremely Uncanny to cover these issues when the begin to roll out in the later part of the year.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/18/arts/spawn-comics-todd-mcfarlane.html This was covered by hundreds of news sites and such but we here at Extremely Uncanny pride ourselves in legitimacy by using only the finest sourcing.*

What’s Spawn been up to this month, though?

Spawn #315


Written by Todd McFarlane
Art by Carlo Barberi
Letters by Tom Orzhechowski
Colors by Jay David Ramos

We pick up where we last left our demonic antihero: under siege by the mighty and terrifying Omega Spawn. Medieval Spawn showed up though (presumably dead) to take on the Omega Spawn by slashing and blinding the foe. Spawn and Medieval Spawn (I am not joking they just call him that for the entire issue) take on the Omega Spawn together and put up a fight against the Hellspawn Tyrant. With the help of Monolith, the brute from the last issue, the Spawns proceed to take on the massive Omega Spawn. Spawn has one trick left up his sleeve with the revelation of a new Hellspawn: Plague Spawn (This is based off the cover for #313)


The writing in this issue has some interesting moments especially regarding the Monolith twist. It comes off a little stiff and breakneck, but it does have a weird old school comic feel. Not everything needs to be a slow burn moment. It didn’t feel telegraphed, but I am okay with that. It’s a comic featuring three blokes named Spawn fighting each other on a tropical island. I don’t come expecting a carefully seeded twist. I come for absurdity and darn it, this issue has it.

The omnipresent narrator is over the top and attempts to be almost Claremontian in nature. It adds to the overall old school feel of the issue. The wildest part is that the narrator totally gets into the fight and I welcome that. It felt less like narration and more like commentary. Like the Todd speaking to me directly through these pages. I liked it quite a bit. Even if the narration felt a bit, weird at times.


The art by Barberi is good at times. The figure is a bit stiff on a couple panels, but the action flowed fairly well for what it was, and I think it was a serviceable job. I really enjoy how they draw Omega Spawn. Omega is over the top and full of Spawn trappings plus this pelt/mane thing. It’s over-the-top and I like it. Just wanted to note I really enjoy the bright colors Ramos utilizes here. It creates a vibrant look that I enjoyed. Old school superhero comics feel.


Overall, I am very curious about this event that seemed to pull in various Hellspawn to Earth and sealed them there. I think this makes the issues surrounding #300 and onward all the more important for me to read.

Final Score: 7.5/10 Capes

#Spawn2021 So Far

I am interested in the comic and as I’ve stated I am actually looking into getting into the lore and back issues of the series. To what extent? I am not sure. I will look at getting the issues surrounding this arc, and the unlimited stuff. Beyond that? We will see. Check back next month when Spawn and Medieval Spawn face down Plague Spawn.



*Extremely Uncanny is only one person and he regularly creates dumb posts online. Hence, why we are here talking about Spawn. We would like to blame quarantine for the behavior but let’s be real things have been bizarre for years now. We blame television and trashy comics.
– The Editor

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