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In what started as a joke: “Hey what if 2021 was the year we all get into Spawn” that became a reality, I begin my chronicling of reading every Spawn issue put out in 2021. This series will highlight what it is like for a reader with very rudimentary understanding of Spawn trying to jump into the world breaking comic itself. If possible, past issues will be revisited and discussed. For now though, we are going to stick to the newest Spawn Comics in 2021.

This month we will begin this journey by checking out Spawn #314.


Spawn #314

Plot/Script: Todd McFarlane
Art: Carlo Barberi
Lettering: Tom Orzechowski
Colors: Jay David Ramos

Background: Spawn and Overtkill traveled to a mysterious island to find and fight Omega Spawn. They are jumped by another Hell Spawn—Monolith. The issue starts with Overtkill already destroyed.  

Plot: Spawn is captured by the after a quick fight with Monolith that can only be described by the wrestling term- Squash Match. Spawn is taken to a facility and is tortured into submission.  Once beaten and broken, Spawn is taken before Omega Spawn.


Omega is quite upset with Spawn over a recent action that sealed the Earth and kept all of the creatures of Heaven, Earth, and Hell on the planet. At least that this impression I get from the story. Again, this is my first Spawn comic in a couple years. Either way Omega Spawn is upset and is demanding Spawn extract the secret info inside of Spawn’s mentor Cogs. Before Spawn can extract the information, Omega Spawn is attacked by Medieval Spawn! With that the issue wraps up.

Impression:  As a first issue of Spawn, this wasn’t too hard to follow though some key elements are missing from the story. At least some context to make the clear the significance of Omega Spawn’s gripe with Spawn. This issue is billed as the start of the new arc. Don’t go off the solicits or description of the comic because it doesn’t match the story.

McFarlane does the plot and scripting of the story and it flows well enough. He gives enough information for me to understand what is going on to an extent. I do wish there were more effort put in trying to bring readers up to speed. I get it though. Spawn has run for over 300 issues. It has its niche figured out and its on me to get caught up. I will do that in due time. For the first jump in, Spawn #314 is entertaining enough to read, and you can get a feel for the characters. Spawn is a defiant character that will not bend the knee to anyone, and we can tell Omega Spawn as a serious issue. He is a big monster and a physical presence. All I know of Omega Spawn was Image United, but that series isn’t cannon. This appears to be a different character.

Spear, Spear, Spear

The art by Carlo Barberi is pretty solid. The action sequences are full of energy and the blows carry weight. The figure work is a tad bit stiff at times when there isn’t any action but Barberi plays around with layouts to provide some visual variety to the more exposition pages. The colors by Jay David Ramos are surprisingly bright for a Spawn comic. I’ve occasionally grabbed a Spawn comic or two over the last decade while doing Free-lance review work for various sites. Every issue I’ve randomly read was a lot darker, fitting to the character motif. This here is more vibrant and full of life. I don’t hate it. It looks good. It allows for some of the character details to show better. It creates an lush world for the book which is fitting since it does take place on a tropical island.

Overall: This was an okay issue. I did go in expecting a Spawn team, but the solicitations weren’t accurate. That said it is an action-packed comic. We get to see some of the lore of Spawn play out. That is probably the thing I am looking forward to the most. Spawn’s universe is very different and one I have been curious about from the start. There is an inkling of that going on here. I am looking forward to next month. What was Medieval Spawn from out of nowhere!?

Observation of the series: I want to talk about character designs for a moment. This Hellspawn brute- Monolith. Dude’s design is over the top and I love it. You have the Hellspawn mark to match Spawn and it instantly tells the reader that he is a Spawn of some sort. This brings a lot of questions about the influence of Omega Spawn.


The next detail I love are the fanged skulls for shoulder pads and a lot of  tiny skulls on his head. Simple enough but very Spawn. There is a pouch leg belt for no other reason than it’s a Spawn thing. Got to give him more gear, I guess. Still just a big ol’dumb creature, but I love it.

Jordan Jennings

Jordan has written for wide array of comic review sites over the years including Comicosity, Comicon, and Comic Book Revolution. He has been reviewing and discussing comics for over 10 years. In addition to comics, Jordan enjoys various types of games be it video games or trading card games.

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